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Female Character
Concept of the Female Character
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Hero - a player controlled character in Elteria Adventures.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Main article: Callings

In the GUI, abilities granted by the callings are positioned on the left. The most basic ability of any character is Hand Punch Ability hand punch icon.png. It deals a small amount of damage and throws the opponent away. The character itself has no levels, but can increase the level of Calling and get more abilities this way.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Main article: Outfit

The player can equip Artifacts in 5 different slots, altering their Hero's abilities and appearance. In the GUI, abilities granted by the artifacts are positioned on the right.

Movement[edit | edit source]

Beside basic jump and run, the hero can climb walls.

Death[edit | edit source]

The hero dies if they fall off the island or if their health reaches 0. In that case, Hero loses 10 simple gems and resurrects at the nearest Elteria Heart. Or, if simple gems are not present, resurrects at their home point or at the starting Elteria Heart, if no home point set yet. After death, all positive and negative status effects disappear.

The player can equip weapons, armor and other various items to get more abilities or have additional bonuses to characteristics.

Character States and Game Modes[edit | edit source]

Character can be either in or out of combat. The state "in combat" is activated when the player takes or causes damage and switches to "out of combat" three seconds after the last hit.

Exploration Mode[edit | edit source]

All characters in Elteria are in the Exploration Mode by default. In it, they can gather resources, build and use buildings, hunt monsters and travel around. Their set of abilities is limited

Battleground Mode[edit | edit source]

Battleground mode is activated during the Siege. in this mode, the player can only move within the island borders, but the use of any obtained ability is allowed. The appearance of characters may change. In this mode, players must reach certain goals to defeat the enemy. Battleground mode is used both for PvP and PvE events.

Base stats[edit | edit source]

Name Baseline value Description
Health 1000 It is displayed as a green strip around the character's portrait. When it reaches zero, the hero dies.
Energy 100% Energy is used to activate abilities, which spend different amounts of it. The ability will remain locked until you have enough energy to use it.
Attack ??? Attack is the basic offensive stat, which defines how much character deal damage with basic attack ability.
Cooldown Reduction 0% How much every ability cooldown reduced.
Physical Protection 0 The Physical Protection value determines what percentage of the incoming physical damage will be ignored using the following formula:

100 - 100 / (100 - p)

Magic Protection 0 The Magic Protection value determines what percentage of the incoming magical damage will be ignored using the following formula:

100 - 100 / (100 - p)

Health Regeneration

(out of combat)

50/s Determines how fast the health regenerates out of combat
Energy Regeneration

(out of combat)

20%/s Determines how fast the energy regenerates out of combat
Health Regeneration (in combat) 10/s Determines how fast the health regenerates in combat
Energy Regeneration

(in combat)

10%/s Determines how fast the energy regenerates in combat