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Cave resources

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Gold Ore
Gold Ore hidden on the edge of an island's cave system

In Elteria, you can find a lot of resources used in crafting under ground.

Iron Ore
Iron Ore found in a cave

List of ores:[edit | edit source]

  • Iron Ore A common ore, found in caves. One ingot is made of 10 units of ore.
  • Gold Ore A rare ore, found in caves. One ingot is made of 10 units of ore.

Ore Mining[edit | edit source]

Ore can be extracted with the "Resource Mining" ability of the Neophyte Glove, one unit per ore chunk.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Clusters of ore are located on the inner parts of the cave: on the ceiling, walls and floor.
  • If the ore chunk was broken by other means than "Resource Mining" ability, the ore won't drop.
  • Ore will reappear in the cave after some time.
  • Ore chunk is a voxel, but has a complex shape.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Ores are part of the Elteria ecosystem. Ore mining, gathering of plants and animal hunting all have a negative effect on it.

Ore is replenished by the energy of the Magical World.